YA GIRL HAS TO READ HER TBR. It’s getting out of control. So I decided that I’m going on a ban. FOR THE WHOLE YEAR. Now I won’t lie, there are books I had already preordered that come out this year. And when VE Schwab drops a book I buy it no matter what. Other than those though I’m going to read through my TBR this year. I already have gotten through a couple and I’ll be posting reviews for those soon.

I have 2 challenges I’m doing this year. The 12 month challenge, where I read 1 book a month recommended by friends. I’m also doing the alphabet challenge where I read a book from every letter of the alphabet. I’m trying to get through that challenge before I read anything else. I didn’t think I would be able to complete that challenge with what I already own, but I have a book for every letter of the alphabet.

So this is me committing to doing this. Everyone wish me luck. I want to go to a bookstore, send help.