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Am I too quick to five stars? Do I write reviews too quickly after reading books, and unjustly rate? Those are all possibilities I need to take into consideration. I have come to realize I need a rating system, and I will explain below what each star rating will mean below.

In addition to a rating system, I’ve realized I shouldn’t get too excited and write reviews right away. It has occurred to me that in writing a review directly after finishing a book, especially books that I truly enjoyed, I have been rating and reviewing books and then realizing flaws after the book and story has sunk in. I have decided to write my reviews at least 24 hours after finishing a book, to try to fairly rate. I have also begun taking notes about books as I read them so I can look back at how I felt throughout the whole story, and not just at the end.

So, without further ado, the new rating system. It will still be a star-based rating, but each rating will have meaning:

1 star: DNF. This is a book I could not finish, that the writing was poor, or I didn’t like the author’s style. This is a book I would not try again and an author I won’t give a second chance.

2 stars: DNF/almost DNF’d. This is a book that I could not finish, or almost couldn’t not finish, that I could see potential in. The story maybe wasn’t for me, but it was well written and a good plot.

3 stars: This is a book that is enjoyable, but nothing special. I was happy to read but didn’t feel like I couldn’t live without the story.

4 stars: This is a book that is amazing. I loved reading and wished I could keep reading even when I was doing other stuff.

5 stars: God tier. This is a book that changed my life. The kind that I wish I could step into or read again for the first time.

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  1. You know who I am

    I understand, and I’m sorry. I think you get that black and white (no gray) thinking from me. I struggle with giving a Google or Yelp rating that’s not either 5 stars or 1 star. I have to remind myself that most things are not 100% great or 100% bad. I like your new system!

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