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Book Haul (sorry babe)

Much to my boyfriend’s exasperation I have a book haul I would love to share with you guys! I’m hoping this haul will hold the answers to getting out of this reading slump. So without further ado, I present to you, my book haul:

The Shadow in the Glass: A gothic, dark retelling of Cinderella with a Victorian backdrop.

Second Star to the Left: A NA Peter Pan retelling that is a love story between Tink and Hook.

Bravely: A new YA story set after Disney’s Brave with a new adventure for Merida.

Book of Night: Holly Black’s debut adult novel, a dark fantasy perfect for fans of Neil Gaiman and Erin Morgenstern.

Portrait of a Thief: A debut heist story that has Asian and LGTBQ+ characters.

Darling Girl: Another Peter Pan retelling that tells the story of Wendy’s granddaughter.

The Priory of the Orange Tree: A monster of a novel that’s an epic fantasy that focuses on women and their stories.

Kingdom of the Wicked: The first in a new NA trilogy by Kerri Maniscalco that tells the story of sisters, and what lines you would cross for those you love.

The Wilder Women: The newest book by the author of Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance about magical sisters looking for their lost mother.

Mistakes Were Made: A sapphic rom-com about embracing the unexpected.

As I said before, normally when I go on vacation, I pack a bag dedicated just to books, but I’m trying to be a little more practical. I think I want to bring 3-4 books, to give myself variety, and my Kindle. Now I know I said that I’m in the mood to read physical books only, but that could change at any time, plus having my Kindle gives me the opportunity to download any sequels if I need to.

So, the question becomes, what books do I bring with me? Do I want to bring some of the books I just got, or do I want to read something older from my TBR? I think the answer may be that I need to bring a mix. My head feels like maybe fantasy is the way to go, but I’ll bring at least one realistic with me in case I’m wrong. I’m starting to get really excited about my vacation now, and thinking about what books to pack is really putting me in the vacation mood. What do you think I should bring?

All books are tagged if you’re interested in purchasing! I got a few of these titles through Book of the Month. Book of the Month is a monthly subscription box where the reader gets to pick! Each month pick from 5-7 new titles, and then add from their hundreds of add-ons. Skip anytime, or pick up to 3 books each month. Sign up here for your first month to be only $5.

My Very Hopeful April Book List

I’m hoping for a better April than I had March. Overall March was not great, and I didn’t get the chance to read as much as I wanted to. With some personal stuff going on, as well as being sick I was only able to read 3 books in March. In April I’m aiming to read 6 books.

Up first I have Love on the Brain by Ali Hazelwood. Given how much I loved The Love Hypothesis, I’m incredibly excited to read this book coming out August 23, 2022. I like to go into books by authors I know I enjoy blind, so I don’t know much about the synopsis, but I’m hoping for another grumpy/sunshine trope.

For the second book, I’m hoping to read So This Is Ever After. It was pitched to me as Carry On meets Arthurian legend, and honestly that was enough to have me asking for a digital review copy. The way I screamed when I woke up and saw that I was approved was a little bit embarrassing.

Third, we have Hotel Magnifique. The synopsis of this book gives me Carnaval and The Night Circus vibes. When I saw Edelweiss had this title available, I pushed the request button so fast. I just hope it lives up to my expectations.

Fourth, fifth, and sixth are all from one series. I’m going back into the world of the Shadowhunters and finally reading The Infernal Devices. Many years ago, I read all six of the Mortal Instrument books and I loved them. Just last year I decided I wanted to read EVERYTHING in the Shadowhunter world, and I wanted to do them in the order Cassandra Clare recommends. I read The Mortal Instruments part one, so next is The Infernal Devices. My only fear is that I will get obsessed and not want to leave this world until I finish, and that is so many books.

April will hopefully be full of great reads, and while I’m excited to read all these incredible books, I’m hopeful that life will allow me to actually read what I want to read. Everyone wish me luck!

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